Magic Needle Atraumatic Micro Cannula

Micro cannula Magic Needle

In collaboration with Dr. Bernard Hertzog, who designed the Magic Needle® micro-cannula after a lot of research, the Needle Concept® brings to all fields of medicine (aesthetic, plastic, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, etc.) an innovative technique for less traumatic and more comfortable application of filling materials for clients.

Easy application

Advantages of using Magic Needle cannulas

New technology for new feelings

Patients will be relaxed.

Reducing the risk of ecchymosis

The rounded end reduces the risk of ecchymosis and intravascular application.

No bleeding in the dermis

This usually leads to the formation of hematomas.

Non-invasive and painless

The flexibility and rounded end of the cannula make the procedure almost painless.

Perfect control of application depth

The injection technique allows perfect control over the depth of application.

Using a single entry point

A single puncture to complete more than twenty applications through a single entry point.

Why use the Magic Needle instead of needles? It is safe Non-invasive and painless No bleeding in the dermis Application speed

Before after

Disadvantages of the classic needle

Limited choice of gestures: the classic needle is rigid, the injection gesture will always be straight. This technique, as well as the sharp and pointed structure of the needle, makes their use invasive (cutting, bruising, even if the practitioner is experienced).

Advantages of Magic Needle cannulas

The right balance between flexibility and rigidity: flexibility allows the practitioner to adapt and control his/her gesture to avoid pain and to avoid traumatizing either the dermis or the underlying tissues. Magic Needle® slides under the skin without damaging it.

Magic Needle cannula dimensions

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